VOXEL-MAN Tempo—Surgery simulator for temporal bone surgery

VOXEL-MAN Sinus—Endonasal view through the opened ground lamella

VOXEL-MAN Tempo—One of the anatomical models used for the surgery simulation

One of the temporal bone drilling courses using VOXEL-MAN simulators

VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Inner Organs—Screenshot of the anatomical atlas

VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Brain and Skull—Screenshot of the anatomical atlas

EUS meets VOXEL-MAN—Screenshot of the program

Segmented inner organs of the Visible Human

VOXEL-MAN Gallery—Inner organs of the Visible Human

VOXEL-MAN Gallery—Simulated x-ray of the Visible Human

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Voxel-Man provides state of the art surgery simulators and virtual body models. Click on one of the images to find out more.